Access the Groundlight Hub

Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence for your business

The Groundlight Hub is an appliance that gives you a simple and reliable way to use AI to monitor your facilities. It will also automatically alert you when problems occur.

  • Boost your security
  • Simplify facility maintenance
  • Automate quality assurance
How the Groundlight Hub works

How it works

Computer Vision -
On Day One

You don't need a computer science degree to access computer vision. Installing the Groundlight Hub is as simple as plugging it into the same network as your existing cameras, or installing along with new IP cameras.

Connect to your cameras via ethernet or wifi, ask a question, and get real-time notifications.

The Groundlight Hub works with any type of surveillance camera system, from simple USB devices to even more complex IP cameras:

Ask your cameras a question, just like you would ask a person.
Get a reliable answer.

Curious, but have questions?

Reach out to us and we'll help you figure out ways you can harness computer vision to grow your business.



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Groundlight Labeler makes sure AI is correct

The Groundlight Hub

Efficiency of AI, Reliability of a Human on Their Best Day

  • Real-time, actionable alerts that go in one place

  • If the model is uncertain, a human will check in real-time that it's correct

  • You can receive notifications in a way that's convenient for you, whether it's text or email


Frequently Asked Questions

What is computer vision?

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence and computer science that focuses on enabling computers to interpret, understand, and process visual information from the world, similar to how human vision works.

What is the Groundlight Hub?

The Groundlight Hub is an appliance that connects to your systems via ethernet or wifi, and by connecting to your cameras it enables you to access computer vision.

How much does the Groundlight Hub cost?

Usage based pricing starts at 150 dollars per month. For more information please reach out to us to learn how you can boost your business using computer vision.